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ForzaDash 2023 MSP 555: Bastionpoint Technology

Company Overview:

Engage with Bastionpoint Technology:

Leadership Highlights: Jason Knowles, the Managing Partner, stands as both the visionary and primary contact of Bastionpoint Technology. Under his leadership, the company has successfully built its reputation in the IT service industry.

Origins & Evolution: Founded on July 1, 2008, Bastionpoint Technology has etched its mark in providing exceptional IT services for over a decade.

Guiding Philosophy: Bastionpoint Technology’s mission revolves around delivering premium IT solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. Central to this is a dedication to client satisfaction, superb communication, and preemptive solutions. Each interaction with clients aims to be a positive and enriching experience. The company’s core values emphasize a robust work ethic, educated decision-making, leadership by example, meticulous attention to detail, and candid communication coupled with empathy.

Client-Centric Approach: With a quarterly review cycle for services, Bastionpoint ensures its offerings remain aligned with client needs. A testament to their commitment to deep-seated partnerships is the impressive average client engagement span of over 7 years.

Growth Outlook for 2023: Bastionpoint Technology is set on a hyper-growth trajectory, aiming for an increase surpassing 15% in 2023. This growth is forecasted to be fueled organically through innovative service additions and potential acquisitions or partnerships with other MSPs.

The Blueprint for a Stellar MSP Event: For Bastionpoint, the hallmarks of a successful in-person MSP event lie in fostering engaging discussions that delve into the latest industry trends and effective business management strategies.

Steered by unwavering dedication to both client and employee satisfaction, Bastionpoint Technology stands as a formidable nominee in the illustrious ForzaDash MSP 555 Award Program.

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