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Pax8 Beyond 2024: Key Insights for MSPs to Thrive

Pax8 Beyond 2024: Key Insights for MSPs to Thrive

The Pax8 Beyond 2024 event in Denver, Colorado, held from June 9-12 at the Gaylord Rockies, was a remarkable gathering for the MSP community. With over 1,600 partners registered, 130 vendor sponsors, and 350 Pax8 employees in attendance, this event provided invaluable insights and strategies for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Here are the top five takeaways for MSPs from Pax8 Beyond 2024:

1. The Impact of Digital Purchases and Subscriptions

One of the key trends highlighted by Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys, is the shift in B2B buying habits driven by Millennials. As digital natives, Millennials prefer digital purchases and subscription models over traditional buying methods. This change demands MSPs to adapt by offering flexible subscription services and enhancing their digital sales platforms to meet the expectations of this new generation of buyers.

2. The Year of the Platform

2024 is being dubbed “The Year of the Platform,” emphasizing the importance of integrated, multi-functional platforms for MSPs. Scott Chasin, CEO of Pax8, discussed how platforms like the new Pax8 Marketplace are revolutionizing the way MSPs operate. With features like smart search, advanced sorting, multi-cart capabilities, and AI-powered recommendations, the Marketplace enables MSPs to streamline their operations and offer more tailored solutions to their clients.

3. AI and the Future of MSPs

Scott Chasin also explored the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the MSP industry. From AI-powered quoting systems to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence), AI is set to revolutionize service delivery and client engagement. MSPs need to embrace AI technologies to enhance efficiency, offer smarter solutions, and stay competitive in the market.

4. Enhancing Client Engagement with White-Labeled Storefronts

Elizabeth (Libby) McIlhany, Chief Product Officer at Pax8, introduced the new white-labeled storefronts set to launch on June 17, 2024. These storefronts will enable MSPs to create customized, branded environments for their clients, facilitating self-service options, secure payments, and tailored support within defined boundaries. This innovation is crucial for MSPs looking to provide a seamless and personalized client experience.

5. Leveraging Data for Actionable Insights

The Opportunity Explorer, a feature of the new Pax8 Marketplace, offers MSPs rich data and actionable insights. By leveraging AI-powered recommendations, MSPs can optimize their sales strategies, identify new opportunities, and enhance their existing offerings. This data-driven approach is essential for MSPs aiming to make informed decisions and drive growth.


The Pax8 Beyond 2024 event underscored the dynamic nature of the MSP industry and the need for continuous innovation and adaptation. With insights from industry leaders like Rob Rae, Nick Heddy, Jay McBain, Scott Chasin, and Elizabeth McIlhany, MSPs are better equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. By embracing digital purchases, integrated platforms, AI technologies, personalized client engagement, and data-driven strategies, MSPs can thrive in 2024 and beyond.

Don’t miss the chance to apply these key takeaways to your MSP business and stay ahead in this competitive landscape. #Pax8Beyond

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