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IT Nation Day 2023 Day 1: 3 Things I Learned

Welcome to the vibrant pulse of the MSP community—IT Nation 2023! As we wrapped up Day 1 here in sunny Orlando, the energy was palpable, with industry leaders and innovators gathering to exchange knowledge, experience, and insights. I’m thrilled to share a few highlights that stood out from this year’s largest MSP event. And for all you first-timers out there, it was an absolute pleasure to co-host the welcome session alongside Corrie Leaman. Your enthusiasm was the perfect kickoff to what promises to be an unforgettable event.

  1. ITNation Gives: Crafting Canine Comfort

The spirit of giving back set a heartwarming tone for the day. Joining forces with approximately 40 fellow attendees, we embarked on a mission of compassion—making dog treats for K9s For Warriors. In under an hour, we crafted about 300 treats, a small token to support a noble cause: pairing veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, or military sexual trauma with a trained service dog. Andrea Barrow from the ConnectWise Invent Team echoed the sentiment of the day, “We are so delighted with the turnout to help us support K9 for Warriors. We made more than 300 dog treats in less than an hour. Remarkable!”

Support this cause by donating here: Support K9s For Warriors

  1. PitchIT: Where Innovation Meets Investment

ConnectWise’s accelerator program PitchIT showcased the brilliance of innovation at its finest. Sean Lardo and team presented an impressive lineup of finalists—Thread, Nodeware, and vCio Toolbox—with Thread snagging the first-place prize of $70,000 and vCio Toolbox claiming the second-place reward of $30,000. The competition was steep, and the presentations were top-notch. A hearty congratulations to all the participants and winners for their groundbreaking contributions to the tech space.

  1. Keynote: Envisioning a Future Fueled by Tech

The keynote arena was buzzing with over 6,000 in-person and virtual attendees, making it the largest IT Nation event to date. Hosts Victoria Bruns and Will Dowling set the stage for an inspiring session, welcoming everyone with open arms and great energy. Jay Magee, CEO of ConnectWise, left us all captivated with an engaging presentation, pushing us to reimagine the future through the lens of hyper-automation, career investment, and skill gap reduction. His message was clear: The time is now to harness the power of technology to transcend the constraints of today.

Stay tuned for more insights as IT Nation 2023 continues to unfold. We’re just getting started!

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