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5 Strategic Insights from Jeremy Riemer on Enhancing MSP Operations

In an enlightening session with Jeremy Riemer, a seasoned cybersecurity expert at an MSP in Wisconsin, we uncovered crucial strategies that can significantly elevate Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Here are five key insights from our conversation that MSPs can implement to enhance their operations and security posture:

1. Emphasize Cybersecurity Awareness

Jeremy’s passion for cybersecurity is infectious, and his approach to making the ‘unknowns known’ is something every MSP can adopt. He highlights the importance of cybersecurity awareness, not just as a routine checklist but as a proactive, educational journey for clients. This involves simplifying complex security topics into relatable, understandable content for SMBs. MSPs should focus on demystifying cybersecurity to help clients feel more confident and secure.

2. Foster Strong Vendor Partnerships

The relationship between MSPs and vendors should be a partnership rather than a transactional interaction. Jeremy points out the benefits of having a symbiotic relationship where both parties can exchange data and insights to improve the tools and services offered. This two-way communication can lead to enhanced functionalities and better service for end-users. MSPs should prioritize vendors that offer this level of engagement, which can ultimately lead to improved solutions for clients.

3. Utilize User Groups and Community Engagement

Jeremy’s first-hand experience at IT Nation Secure and various user group meetups underscores the value of community engagement. These platforms offer a chance to hear about common challenges and solutions from peers in the industry, which can be invaluable. MSPs should encourage participation in such forums not just to gain insights but to share their own experiences and solutions, fostering a collaborative environment.

4. Adapt Services to Client Needs

Understanding that different clients have different needs is crucial in tailoring services effectively. Jeremy discusses the diverse needs of co-managed clients versus those with minimal security knowledge. MSPs must adapt their strategies and communication to suit the technical level and involvement of each client, ensuring that services are not only comprehensive but also accessible.

5. Focus on Practical, Impactful Solutions

Lastly, Jeremy emphasizes the importance of practicality in service delivery. Whether it’s discussing backup solutions or complex cybersecurity measures, the goal is to offer solutions that are not overly complicated and can be realistically implemented. MSPs should aim to provide clear, actionable advice that clients can understand and apply, avoiding overwhelming them with unnecessary jargon or complex frameworks.

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Jeremy Riemer’s insights provide a roadmap for MSPs to enhance their operations, focusing on cybersecurity awareness, strong vendor relationships, community engagement, tailored services, and practical solutions. By adopting these strategies, MSPs can not only improve their service delivery but also strengthen their position as trusted advisors in the ever-evolving landscape of IT services.

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