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5 Key Insights from My Conversation with Ben Hathaway That Can Elevate MSPs

In a deep dive with Ben Hathaway, we uncovered some pivotal insights that every MSP should be leveraging to enhance their security measures and overall efficiency. Here are the top five takeaways from our conversation that are particularly relevant for MSPs looking to elevate their game:

1. Redefining Email Security

Ben Hathaway shed light on the fundamental flaws of traditional email systems and how his approach with the new Shield system can revolutionize this by applying zero-trust principles. Unlike traditional email security that assumes all emails are safe until proven otherwise, Shield assumes all emails could potentially be harmful. This paradigm shift not only improves security but also enhances productivity by reducing noise and distractions caused by unnecessary emails.

2. User-Centric Product Design

One of the standout points Ben made was about meeting users where they are, rather than forcing them to adapt to new technologies. Shield integrates seamlessly with existing email clients like Outlook, reducing the learning curve and avoiding the hassle of managing new software installations. This approach not only simplifies the user experience but also helps in maintaining the security integrity by minimizing potential vulnerabilities that come with new systems.

3. Enhanced MSP Support

Ben emphasized the importance of products that are designed with MSPs in mind, not just end-users. He discussed how Shield considers factors like deployment cost, management cost, and the indirect costs like password resets, which are often overlooked but can significantly impact MSPs’ operations and margins. This dual-focus on end-users and service providers helps MSPs offer better service while also managing their own resources more efficiently.

4. Vendor Selection Criteria

Choosing the right vendors is crucial for MSPs, and Ben offered some key questions that should be asked when evaluating potential partnerships. These include considerations around whether a product is designed to support MSP operational needs and whether a vendor is committed to a channel-only model, which ensures that their solutions are tailored to support MSP business models.

5. Innovative Use of AI

Finally, Ben discussed how the application of AI in Shield has been tailored to filter unwanted emails effectively by learning individual user preferences over time. This personalized approach not only improves the relevance of email communications but also enhances security by adapting to new threats dynamically, providing MSPs and their clients with a robust defense against a variety of email-based attacks.

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