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ForzaDash 2023 Channel Leaders: Ola Witukiewicz

ScalePad Company Summary:

ScalePad, founded in 2015, is a significant player in the IT service provider industry. The company offers Lifecycle Manager, a platform that empowers IT service providers with data-driven insights to enhance the technology experience for their clients. Ola Witukiewicz, the Senior Channel Engagement Manager, plays a vital role in the company’s channel engagement and growth.

Channel Leadership:

  • Channel Leader Executive First Name: Ola
  • Channel Leader Executive Last Name: Witukiewicz
  • Channel Leader Executive Title: Senior Channel Engagement Manager
  • Current Role: Senior Channel Engagement Manager
  • Start Date: January 1, 2023
  • Years in the Channel: 8 years
  • Highest Ranking Channel Executive: No
  • Reports To: Eric Torres, Vice President, Channel

Channel Leader Biography: Ola Witukiewicz brings a wealth of experience to her role at ScalePad. She has supported multiple departments throughout her career, including demand generation, brand management, communications planning, and more. Ola has worked across various company sizes in the MSP industry, gaining diverse experience from startups to large organizations. As the Senior Channel Engagement Manager, Ola focuses on strategic event execution, building relationships with partners and prospects, and working closely with the Partner Advisory Council.

Core Services: ScalePad’s flagship product, Lifecycle Manager, equips IT service providers with data-driven insights to enhance the technology experience for their clients. The platform enables partners to assess and monitor their clients’ digital maturity, identify risks, and uncover opportunities for service improvements.

Top Channel Accomplishments: Ola Witukiewicz’s notable achievements include:

  • Successfully delivering a 30-minute main-stage presentation that received highly positive feedback.
  • Producing several presentations and receiving company awards that reflect her achievements.

Challenges in 2023: One of Ola’s significant challenges in 2023 is to increase ScalePad’s presence in the channel community. This involves supporting peer groups, mentorship programs, in-person and virtual events to connect with potential customers, partners, industry experts, and leaders.

Channel Growth Expectations in 2023: ScalePad has ambitious plans to nearly double its channel business in 2023. The company is actively participating in nearly 60 events, peer groups, and online engagements, with a focus on connecting with its target audience, enhancing the customer experience, embracing innovation, and building partnerships.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF): ScalePad does not plan to expand its MDF program in 2023.

Top Channel Goals for 2023: Ola’s primary goal for ScalePad’s channel business is centered around helping MSPs grow and become more profitable. She aims to engage in organic, thought leadership, and strategy-driven conversations with partners while expanding ScalePad’s market reach into EMEA/APAC.

Additional Channel Leader Insights: As a Channel Leader, Ola is committed to continuing her personal and professional development, focusing on technical knowledge, strategic thinking, and leadership skills.

MSP Engagement: ScalePad fosters an education and collaborative learning environment within its partner community, allowing partners to share knowledge and innovate.

MSP Advisory Board: The ScalePad Partner Advisory Council (PAC) comprises ScalePad partners interested in collaborating, learning, and exploring strategies to drive growth and add value to the ScalePad community.

MSP Focus Groups: ScalePad regularly utilizes the ScalePad PAC for insights into market trends and feedback on its products, guiding the development of services and procedures.

Importance of MSPs: MSPs are rated as extremely important (a rating of 10) to ScalePad’s channel program.

Future Plans (If Selected as a ForzaDash Channel Leader 2023): If selected, Ola plans to leverage this recognition to expand her network and positively impact the MSP community. She intends to continue mentoring others and use her experience and expertise to contribute to the industry’s growth and development.

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