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ForzaDash 2023 Channel Leaders: Jake Reeves

Summit Hosting LLC Company Summary:

Summit Hosting LLC, established in 2005, is a leading provider of cloud hosting services for a variety of software applications. The company specializes in offering cloud-based solutions, including QuickBooks Hosting, to enhance business operations through cloud computing technology.

Channel Leadership:

  • Channel Leader Executive First Name: Jake
  • Channel Leader Executive Last Name: Reeves
  • Channel Leader Executive Title: Director of Sales
  • Current Role: Sales Manager for the Transactional Team
  • Start Date: January 2017
  • Years in the Channel: 1 year
  • Highest Ranking Channel Executive: No
  • Reports To: Brock Ball, VP of Growth and Revenue

Channel Leader Biography: Jake Reeves boasts two decades of technical expertise in the industry, backed by a diverse background in various technologies. With multiple certifications within the IT industry, he has become an expert in his field and has made valuable contributions to projects throughout his career. His specialty lies in offering technical cloud consulting services, helping organizations harness the power of cloud computing. Jake’s extensive experience encompasses designing and implementing various cloud-based solutions, including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS. He also has a deep understanding of cloud security, disaster recovery, and cost management, enabling him to provide comprehensive cloud adoption guidance. Always up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, Jake continually seeks opportunities to expand his skill set and contribute positively to the industry.

Core Services: Summit Hosting LLC’s core services include cloud hosting for a range of software applications, with a particular emphasis on QuickBooks Hosting.

Top Channel Accomplishments: Jake’s notable accomplishments include being a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and holding CompTia Network+ and Security+ certifications. He was also honored as a 2022 Forza Channel Leader.

Challenges in 2023: The company’s main challenges in 2023 include managing rapid growth, expanding product offerings, and refining its go-to-market strategy.

Channel Growth Expectations in 2023: Summit Hosting LLC expects to achieve a significant growth rate in 2023, aiming to double its current channel business.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF): The company plans to triple its investment in Marketing Development Funds (MDF) in 2023, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing marketing efforts.

Top Channel Goals for 2023: In 2023, Summit Hosting LLC’s primary goals are to sustain its existing momentum, increase investments in talent acquisition, allocate more resources to marketing and product development, and usher in a new era of cloud hosting.

Additional Channel Leader Insights: Summit Hosting LLC offers a partner program that allows technology companies, resellers, and consultants to extend cloud hosting services for accounting, tax, and other business applications. The program includes revenue sharing, marketing support, training and certification, dedicated account management, customizable solutions, and competitive pricing.

MSP Engagement: MSPs enjoy multiple revenue streams when using Summit Hosting LLC’s product, delivering top-notch solutions to their clients.

MSP Advisory Board: The company has a specific MSP Advisory Board in place.

MSP Focus Groups: Summit Hosting LLC has organized MSP Focus Groups to gather valuable insights into its products and services, ensuring alignment with market trends and customer needs.

Importance of MSPs: MSPs are deemed extremely important, receiving a rating of 10, in Summit Hosting LLC’s channel program.

Future Plans (If Selected as a ForzaDash Channel Leader 2023): If selected as a ForzaDash Channel Leader in 2023, Jake would take pride in the recognition from a top-ranking MSP community and potentially deliver a speaking session to share insights and expertise within the industry.

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