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ForzaDash 2023 Channel Leaders: Crystal McFerran

The 20 Company Summary:

The 20 is an innovative business development group for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), established in 2013, with a mission to revolutionize the IT industry through its standardized all-in-one approach. The 20 empowers MSPs with a robust Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Professional Services Automation (PSA), and documentation platform, ensuring superior service for its clients.

Channel Leadership:

  • Channel Leader Executive First Name: Crystal
  • Channel Leader Executive Last Name: McFerran
  • Channel Leader Executive Title: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Current Role: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Start Date: October 15, 2018
  • Years in the Channel: 11 years
  • Highest Ranking Channel Executive: Yes
  • Reports To: Ken Pecot, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Channel Leader Biography: Crystal McFerran is a seasoned marketing leader with over 18 years of experience. As the Chief Marketing Officer at The 20, she is responsible for driving channel development, brand marketing, demand generation, content strategy, partnership expansion, and public relations initiatives. Crystal has held senior marketing roles at notable companies, including Velo IT Group, Roland Technology Group, Cytracom, Accor, and HP. She holds Bachelor’s, MBA, and M.A. degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas. Crystal is a member of the Forbes Communications Council and the CMO Club.

Core Services: The 20’s core services revolve around providing an exclusive business development group for MSPs with a focus on standardizing IT solutions, including RMM, PSA, and documentation platforms.

Top Channel Accomplishments: Crystal played a pivotal leadership role in helping The 20 achieve its growth objectives. Her strategies for member acquisition and engagement have strengthened The 20’s brand equity and reputation as an innovative, partner-centric MSP consortium, dedicated to empowering MSPs through a proven sales model.

Challenges in 2023: The primary challenge for most MSPs in 2023, as identified by The 20, is making the leap from surviving to thriving. The key lies in focusing on lead generation, optimizing the sales process, and scaling business operations to foster growth.

Channel Growth Expectations in 2023: The 20 aims to achieve a 20% growth rate in 2023, reflecting its commitment to sustained expansion.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF): The company’s MDF growth is expected to remain consistent.

Top Channel Goals for 2023: The 20’s primary goals for 2023 are to further expand its national footprint and capitalize on recent investments and acquisitions. The company is poised for substantial year-over-year growth through its channel partnerships and service offerings.

Additional Channel Leader Insights: The 20 is deeply committed to aligning its goals with those of its MSP members. The company’s success is intrinsically linked to the collective growth of its members, aiming to dominate the top 20% of the IT industry.

MSP Engagement: MSPs value The 20 program for its immediate and comprehensive support. New members receive the tools, sales and marketing processes, a 24/7 support desk, and a battle-tested blueprint for growth. The tight-knit community within The 20 further enhances the support system, making it highly appreciated by MSPs.

MSP Advisory Board: The 20 maintains an MSP Advisory Board known as ‘Certified Elite,’ comprised of its top 10 members.

MSP Focus Groups: The company has organized MSP Focus Groups to gather valuable insights into its products and services, ensuring alignment with market trends and customer needs.

Importance of MSPs: MSPs hold an exceptionally high level of importance in The 20’s channel program, earning a rating of 10 on the scale of importance.

Future Plans (If Selected as a ForzaDash Channel Leader 2023): If chosen as a ForzaDash Channel Leader in 2023, Crystal intends to promote the recognition on The 20’s website, social media accounts, and her personal pages, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to excellence within the MSP community.

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